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14/05/2010 / Hackett

Quitting Is For Smokers

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So I’ve found one use for my new blog: I will detail my first serious attempt at smoking cessation.  It started about 2 weeks ago, in a rather impromptu manner, as I realized at about 10:30am one day that I had yet to have a cigarette.  The fact alone that I hadn’t realized until then really gave me confidence that it was doable, as it seems to me that in my case, the biggest obstacle will be psychological.  I let my Twitter followers know, and there was a big outpouring of support for me, which took me by surprise.  Apparently there’s a lot of people who don’t like the smell of smoke and it’s damaging effects on the ones they love and will help champion someone’s effort to kick the habit.

The impetus for this quest most likely has something to do with the recent emphasis on my genetic predisposition to heart disease and such.  I am aware of my family history, and nearing another milestone birthday always results in increased recognition of possible risk factors.  That, and I thought, “Well, if Milwaukee thinks it’s unhealthy, yeah, it probably is”.

Let's see if we can end this, ehh?

Do we really look this dopey?

So to bring things up to speed, it’s been a tough go so far.  To borrow a line from the classic 1980 flick Airplane: “Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit smoking.”  With the NHL playoffs really cooking, the weather turning nice, and the early onset of Chicago’s road construction season increasing my “windshield time”, it seems that there are many pitfalls in place for me.  Then I realized that no matter what time of year, I’ll always be able to find a reason that it’s a “bad time” if I look hard enough.  So I will press on, temptations and excuses be damned.  It’s not going to be easy, nor will it happen overnight, but I have confidence that it’s something I am fully capable of doing.  I am hoping that chronicling my efforts here will help keep me honest and accountable.

“Gonna find me a UFO and get the fuck outta here.” -LH




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  1. Paula / May 14 2010 04:52

    I’m with you. I’ve cut down and cut back up again. Being a smoker is getting really annoying, though. The time and money I put into my vice! So many people in LA smoke, too. But dammit, I’m a Bostonian at heart. I’m wicked tough! I can do this, too! I’ll be your tag-along quitter and blog peanut gallery/Greek chorus!

  2. @_Linton / May 26 2010 09:26

    Check this out when you have a second…

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