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19/08/2010 / Hackett

I Just Couldn’t Resist: A Favre Blog


Not going to lie, I still love to watch him play

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It almost stuns me as much as it will many of you that I’m actually going to make my thoughts about ageless Wrangler spokesman Brett Favre more public than they already are, but it appears I never cease to amaze even myself.  Comically enough, while doing so, I will “out” myself to the numerous twitter followers and blog readers I’ve gained through my Chicago Blackhawks posts as a loyal “Packer Backer”. 

So to get to the main issue, I’m actually a fan of Brett Favre returning to play yet another season in the NFL, even if it is with the Green Bay Packers’ biggest (competitive) rival Minnesota Vikings (sorry Bears fans, it’s true).  If you haven’t closed the page yet, you probably want to know why the hell I would feel this way when it means tougher competition for my favorite team that would have otherwise been a significant favorite to win the NFC Norris.  I shall explain.

In my opinion, the NFL is a better and more competitive place with Favre in it.  At least the Favre that we’ve all seen up to this point.  Just recall the last second miraculous touchdown throw to Greg Lewis in the back of the endzone to beat the 49ers last season.  Not to mention the fact that he made the Pro Bowl, and singlehandedly punched Sidney Rice’s ticket to sport’s most uninteresting all-star game.  Love him or hate him, the man changes the entire dynamic of any team he plays on.  Why else would Vikings management have sent Steve Hutchinson, Jared Allen, and two-time teammate Ryan Longwell down to Hattiesburg, Mississippi to, well, “recruit”, for lack of a better term, the undecided veteran. 

As a lifelong Packers fan, I grew up watching Brett throw frozen ropes to receivers donning the green and gold, and even, now brace yourselves Bears and Vikings fans, even got to see him win a Super Bowl for my favorite gridiron assassins.  He’s 40 years old, and he’s in better shape than half of the players in the NFL, many of whom are young enough to be his son.  He still has a passion for the game that is absolutely unmatched, something that tends to elude many professional athletes these days.

It is this passion and drive that makes it difficult for him to say goodbye to the game of football once and for all.  I know everyone is sick of Favre vacillating between retiring and playing another season every summer, and to an extent, so am I.  It would save us all the energy of  a hundred eyerolls if he could just tell the team “Look, I’m 40, I’m going to play, but I’m not coming to training camp. It’s that simple.”  Unfortunately, while he’s quite possibly earned that status, it would be disrespectful to his teammates (especially those that play the same position) to actually come out and say that.  

My feelings on this matter are the same as my feelings towards former Blackhawks defenseman and my favorite hockey player Chris Chelios.  Chelios was traded from the Hawks to their bitter rival Detroit Red Wings in March of 1999 for mega-star Anders Eriksson and the Wings’ first-round picks in 1999 (Steve McCarthy) and 2001 (Adam Munro).  My feelings on the return Chicago got for my favorite NHL-er notwithstanding, I still pulled for him to be personally successful and still loved to watch him play, even though it was in the sweater I despised the most. 

I do wish things had ended more amicably in Green Bay for Favre, it’s a bit upsetting that he won’t have played his entire career as a Packer, when and if he finally does retire.  That said, I still find myself glued to the action when he’s on the field, his child-like enthusiasm is always appointment television for me.  But don’t get me wrong, when he’s up against the green and gold this season, I will be rooting for him to spend a lot of time on his back.


This is how I choose to think of Brett.

Thanks for two decades of entertainment, Iron Man, and who knows, maybe more. 

“It only takes one tree to build a thousand matches / Only takes one match to burn a thousand trees”




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  1. quarterUltra / Aug 19 2010 00:12

    My theory? He took one look at his wife’s 20+ year long “honey do” list and ran!

  2. Cooking in Mexico / Aug 20 2010 12:26

    Glad to hear that Favre is coming back to play, regardless of his reasons. He can really spice up a game. Can’t wait to see him this season — we’ll be watching. Go Vikings!

    p.s. Thanks for visiting Cooking in Mexico.


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