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10/04/2012 / Hackett

Blackhawks Playoff Road Watch

Let's Get It On

It’s the playoffs, it doesn’t get any better than this. So let’s get together, watch some hockey, and bend an elbow (or eleven…teen). Many of you have joined me and others for game watch-type outings, but for those of you who haven’t, please, don’t be afraid to make this your first. I encourage you to wear as much Blackhawks-related attire as you can fit on your body, and even paint your face should the urge strike you. This is a low pressure situation: no wristbands, entrance fee, drink minimum, or anything of that ilk, so even if you choose not to imbibe, please feel free to join us as well. So without further dudes, here are the details:

  • WHERE: The Hidden Shamrock 2723, N. Halsted, Chicago, IL 60614
  • WHEN: Saturday 14 April, 8pm until the celebration ends
  • WHO: Me, my jackass friends (see below) and YOU.
Reppin' Mickey's

We roll 40 deep, y'all

  • SPECIFICS: The Hidden Shamrock will have the Blackhawks on a majority of its 11 HDTV’s, with sound on for the entire game. Specials include $3 pints of Newcastle Founders’ Ale (a delightful new offering, try it if you haven’t), and $5 #goalshots (whiskey, duhhhh). They also have a fantastic and extensive food menu for those of you not drinking your dinner. First game that day starts at 2pm CT, soooooo, you know what time I’ll be there.
  • RSVP: I’m trying to gauge interest so the bar can order and staff appropriately, so if you’re planning on joining us, let me know, either in the comments section here, on Twitter, or via email ( Invite any and all friends, there’s plenty of room.

Come on out and enjoy the playoffs, kiddies. LET’S GO HAWKS!!!



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