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Who Am I?

Who am I?  What a great question.  I suggest that I am what I love, and what I love is hockey, the Chicago Blackhawks, music, crossword puzzles, beer, wine, movies, books, social media, writing, the beautiful city of Chicago and I’m sure this list could go on and on, but I’ll spare you the minutiae. 

You will find entries here about these things as well as others, and I welcome your comments, I really enjoy interacting with all of you.  You can find me in other corners of the web like Twitter and on Facebook if you just need more of me (in which case I suggest you seek professional help).  I’d like to know where to find your musings as well, so send me your links!



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  1. Rick Alaska / Mar 18 2011 14:59

    Hello Hackett,

    I was very moved by your writeup on Steve J back in September. Somehow I had not seen it until today.

    I recently was given a DVD of an Old Plank All Stars RibFest Concert (Naperville), from 2005. I will be posting 14 individual Youtube entries – one for each song.

    Please send an email or join me on Facebook – and I will be sure to copy you on the links. The music was great and the video is professionally done.

    Have a great weekend – sorry for the irregularities of this message. I’m rushed right now.

    Rick Alaska

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